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If you have a diesel engine exhaust gas economizer then 7 bar boiler pressure would gain more heat from the exhaust gases. Boiler Questions and Answers. Question: Cavitation in a two flow line We have a steam genereting facilty using process heat.

Soot Deposits and Fires in Exhaust gas Boilers

fires in exhaust gas boilers. The rea sons for soot deposits and their igni tion are identified on the basis of sta tistical material, etc. In this context, recommendations are given which are relevant to the design and operation of exhaust gas systems and boilers. Ignitio n (of the soot) Oxygen O (in exhaust gas smoke) 2 Soot deposits (on ...

Vent & Blowdown Silencers

VANEC vent and blowdown silencers are designed for use in suppressing the noise associated with venting high-pressure gas or steam to atmospheric pressure. VANEC offers models capable of supressing gas discharge noise to a community located as close as 400 ft from the vent or blowdown. ...

On the optimization of boiler efficiency using bagasse as

In this section, the optimization of the stack temperature will be analyzed, for its strong influence on the exhaust gas enthalpy and, therefore, on q 2. Boiler design optimization is a very complex problem , requiring some assumptions to simplify its mathematical treatment. In this study, to optimize the waste heat recovery scheme, the speed ...


2. BOILERS Bureau of Energy Efficiency 27 Syllabus Boilers: Types, Combustion in boilers, Performances evaluation, Analysis of losses, Feed water treatment, Blow down, Energy conservation opportunities. 2.1 Introduction A boiler is an enclosed vessel that provides a means for combustion heat to be transferred into ...

Types of exhaust gas boiler fires

An Exhaust Gas Boiler is a type of heat recovering system used on board ships which allows the exhaust of the main engine to produce steam while going out in the atmosphere. Water tube boilers are the most common type of Exhaust Gas Boiler (EGB) used on ships.


Utica Boilers Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual. Installing or venting a boiler or any other gas appliance with improper methods or materials may result in serious injury or death due to fire or to asphyxiation from poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide which is odorless and invisible.

Solidworks tutorial Design Boiler

Jun 30, 2016 · in this tutorial video we will how to design Boiler tank in solidworks...& i hope you will enjoy the tutorial, please subscribe our channel for more videos & projects in solidworks, like & share ...


Boiler U. WARE's state of the art facility in Louisville, KY, complete with a sixty seat lecture hall, cafeteria, thirty two seat classroom and a lab with four fully-operational boilers provides the ultimate hands on training.

Siting of a gas boiler flue?

2006/1/8 · Hi, Advice please, a neighbour has sited a gas boiler flue opposite our porch, the flue comes out of his garage wall and is on our boundary line. It's approx 2m away from the porch and a little less to our kitchen window. It plumes out, at force, a great deal of 'steam ...

Influence Of Meteorological Parameters On Heat Recovery Of Condensing Gas Boiler

Influence Of Meteorological Parameters On Heat Recovery Of Condensing Gas Boiler 20 | Page (a) (b) Fig.4.Sketch map of the room and the indoor temperature measuring plane There are 5 temperature measuring rods

Ship Flue Gas Boilers from SAACKE

The exhaust gas boiler EMB-HST has its own steam space and therefore it works independently from other boilers in the system. The exhaust gas economiser EME-HST has to be connected to a fired boiler or a separate steam drum by means of forced circulation. The EMB/EME-HST is suitable for dry running in emergency case.

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FireCAD Technologies has carved a niche for itself with expertise in design and engineering of cogeneration plants & power plants and software development for industrial steam boilers. All our Boiler Design software is made available as Web applications. FireCAD’s emphasis is on developing user friendly Software.

provide a detailed sketch of a fire tube boiler

provide a detailed sketch of a fire tube boiler. ... Exhaust Gas Boilers And Economisers working procedure. Exhaust Gas Boilers And Economisers Arrangement Auxiliary boilers on diesel main propulsion ships, other than tankers, are usually of composite form, enabling steam …Steam Heating System Controls & Gauges: Photo …Steam Heating System ...

Is a high efficiency, condensing gas boiler the best choice

Condensing boilers cool the exhaust gas so much that they can be vented with CPVC or Polypropylene (plastic) pipe, instead of the steel venting required by conventional boilers. They produce cooler exhaust because the extra heat has been harvested and transferred to the water in your heating system.

Composite Boilers

The amount of heat recovered from the exhaust gases depends upon various factors, some of which are, Steam pressure, temperature, evaporation rate required, exhaust gas inlet temperature, mass flow of exhaust gas, condition of gas exchange surfaces, etc. Composite boilers are often used in conjunction with Diesel machinery, since if the exhaust ...


6. (a) Describe the symptoms and possible causes of an exhaust gas boiler/economiser fire. (5) (b) Describe the procedure for inspecting and cleaning the gas side of an exhaust gas boiler/economiser. (5) (c) Explain how the

Waste Exhaust Heat Boilers

Waste Exhaust Heat Boilers. Approximately 25% of the usable energy of the fuel gas is released in the exhaust of the gas engine. This can be captured for cogeneration in a combined heat and power plant. This heat exits the engine at ~450 o C as ‘high grade heat’, contrasting to ‘low-grade heat’ available from the generator cooling ...

Modeling of heat transfer

next to hot flue gas exhaust of power plants. A HRSG is principally a boiler, without a furnace, that extracts heat from the hot exhaust flue gases from an externally burned fuel. The hot flue gases generally come from a gas turbine or a diesel engine and aturbine.

QUESTION 36 PAGE 46 a Describe with the aid of a sketch an

QUESTION 36 PAGE 46 a Describe with the aid of a sketch an exhaust gas from MARINE ENG 1 at Praveenya Institute of Marine Engineering


A chimney is an architectural ventilation structure made of masonry, clay or metal that isolates hot toxic exhaust gases or smoke produced by a boiler, stove, furnace, incinerator or fireplace from human living areas. Chimneys are typically vertical, or as near as ...

Boiler uptake fire and exhaust gas economizer fire

Generally, an exhaust gas economizer is described as a smoke tube boiler with steam space, used for heat recovery from the main engine exhaust gas. Flue gases or auxiliary boiler uptake normally pass through economizers, air preheaters or feed water heaters. All these types of heat exchangers are fin type.

Gas Turbine Exhaust Connection

3/21/2013 · Gas Turbine Exhaust Connection - posted in Industrial Professionals: Dear Professionals, What is the best configuration for GT Exhaust ? I have seen many GTs Exhaust connections are vertical and then its connected to HRSG with one more bend connection. if this exhaust duct connection is Horizantal (Directly connect to HRSG with Expansion bellow with out bend routing) there will be less …


Economizers are available in a wide range of sizes, from small coil-like units to very large waste heat recovery boilers. See also Flue Gas Condensers that are used when water and flue gases come in direct contact with each other. How They Work. Boiler stack economizers are simply heat exchangers with hot flue gas on one side and water on the ...

Turbocharging Principles and Constuction

The turbocharger consists of a single stage impulse turbine connected to a centrifugal impeller via a shaft. The turbine is driven by the engine exhaust gas, which enters via the gas inlet casing. ... leads to greater overall efficiency as less heat energy is rejected to cooling water …

Boiler energy efficiency measures

Boiler energy efficiency measures - shipboard good practices Formation of marine boiler : A boiler in one form or another will be found on every type of ship. Where the main machinery is steam powered, one or more large watertube boilers will be fitted to produce


The boiler is the part of the system that heats the water to be distributed. The key elements of a boiler include the burner, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, exhaust stack, and controls. Boiler accessories including the flue gas economizer are also commonly used as an effective method to recover heat from a boiler. Key Components of Boilers ...

Marine Control Systems: Integrated Systems for All Aspects of

This article will give you the clear picture of marine control system used on board the ship and its control station. Mainly some of the few important automatic control systems employed on board the ship are bridge control of main engine, boiler control, turbine ...

About RTOs (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers)

About RTOs (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers) Summary: An RTO burns very lean waste gases without using much fuel. Operating temperature is about the same as a normal thermal oxidizer (say 1600oF), but the hot flue gas passes through a heat exchange

Waste heat recovery unit

Waste heat found in the exhaust gas of various processes or even from the exhaust stream of a conditioning unit can be used to preheat the incoming gas. This is one of the basic methods for recovery of waste heat.

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Limited Alteration Applications. NOTE: Effective October 15, 2018 all new LAA and EWN filings must be submitted in DOB NOW: Build.The last day to submit a new paper LAA1 form either in-person at 280 Broadway or by mail is October 1 and the last day to submit LAA1 filings in eFiling is October 14.

Dual heating system

appliance efficiency is also lower because hot exhaust gases must be vented and energy extraction from the exhaust is not 100 %. Efficiency is a key consideration when chosing new appliances.

Fossil Fuel Fired Boiler Air and Gas Path

THERMAL POWER PLANTS – Vol. II - Fossil Fuel Fired Boiler Air and Gas Path - Chaplin R.A. ©Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) where it transfers heat to the incoming cold air. The air heater is the last component that removes heat from the exhaust gas, so any heat remaining in the gas at its exit is lost to the atmosphere.


The first successful economizer design was used to increase the steam-raising efficiency of the boilers of stationary steam engines.It was patented by Edward Green in 1845, and since then has been known as Green's economizer.It consisted of an array of vertical cast iron tubes connected to a tank of water above and below, between which the boiler's exhaust gases passed.

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Sketch and describe a waste heat recovery system including an exhaust gas boiler, capable of supplying the auxiliary steam requirements of a motor ship. Question. Discuss the functions of drums and headers as used in water tube boilers.

Exhaust Gas Heater - GESAB - Göteborg Energy Systems AB

Exhaust Gas Heater (Economizer) Range 100-5000kW General GESAB-HTI Exhaust Gas Heaters, heated by waste gases from the vessels's main engine, is commonly used in satisfying the heat demand of the vessel's bunker heating, accommodation, calorifier water and pre-heaters during the voyage.

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